Childproofing Electrical System

By nature, babies and children approach the world with curiosity, even if that curiosity could injure them. Electrical outlets, cords, and other home components attract children all the more when parents tell them no. How can you childproof electrical outlets, cords, and components in your home so babies and children don’t injure themselves or worse?

Why Is Childproofing Important?

Homeowners asking, “Why is childproofing important,” have probably never seen a child attempt to stick something into an electrical outlet. Curiosity drives children to investigate the things they have access to, and with so many power outlets close to the ground, babies and children can easily touch them or put something in them. Electricity can cause serious injuries like burns, brain damage, or death.

Luckily, you can keep your home safe with various outlet covers and other protective methods for cords and power strips.

Types of Outlet Childproofing Covers

Some of the most common types of childproof outlet covers include:

Plastic Outlet Covers

Most soon-to-be parents start their childproofing with small plastic outlet covers. These covers have two prongs on them that hold them against your outlets. With flat plastic heads, children have a hard time digging these off and gaining access to the outlets.

Sliding Outlet Covers

Sliding outlet covers, also called self-closing covers, allow you to use the plugs as normal. When you unplug a cord from them, the covers close automatically. While adults can easily figure out how to utilize the sliding covers, children find it more difficult.

Outlet Covers

For the ultimate in creating childproof electrical outlets, you can use outlet covers. These boxes close over the top of outlets with doors that release using two different buttons. Using these boxes, you can more easily protect important plugs like those of appliances without worrying that your child will yank them out or injure themselves with the outlet.

Childproofing Other Electrical Components

While considering how to childproof electrical outlets can save children from a nasty shock, other electrical components also attract children. The most common danger consists of electrical cords used to power appliances and other electronics.

Children don’t understand the purpose of cords, often mistaking them for fun toys to pull and yank on. Besides the danger of pulling the cord out and gaining access to the outlet, think of how a child could injure themselves by inadvertently yanking a lamp over or wrapping the cord around their throat.

You can mitigate this danger by using cord shorteners or strapping the cords down with cord covers. For multiple cords in one area, such as an entertainment center, use a cord wrap to keep them all together and strap them down where children can’t pull them up.

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