How to Find an Experienced Electrician

Searching for an “electrician near me” can return a lot of results, but before you make a call, check out this advice from All Phase Electric Inc. to be sure you’re choosing the right contractor for your needs.

Whether you have electrical issues like tripping circuits or malfunctioning outlets or need help with a task like a ceiling fan or chandelier installation, hiring an experienced and qualified electrician is a must. Not only does a licensed electrician have the skills to perform the work safely, but hiring one prevents future issues with quality work.

Here’s what to look for in an electrician in Florida.

Training and Experience

Licensed electricians must complete a formal education program and gain real-world experience via on-the-job training as an apprentice. We recommend hiring an electrician with at least journey-level certification, which requires about 8,000 hours of experience. A master electrician has even more experience, with at least two years of experience at the journey level, and passed an exam for certification.

Certified and licensed electricians complete ongoing training and education to maintain their status, so you can feel confident that you’re in good hands when you choose a contractor with these credentials.

Business Qualifications

A reputable electrician will have the appropriate permits and a business license to operate in your area. Ask to see proof of the company’s business license, as well as proof of insurance. Experienced electricians know they must carry personal liability insurance to protect against financial losses if something goes wrong and worker’s compensation insurance to cover costs related to workplace accidents.


When seeking an electrician near me, check out customer reviews of the company before hiring them to work in your home. Plenty of positive reviews from previous customers can help you get a sense of the company’s work. Ask for recommendations from friends and family; their firsthand experiences can be invaluable in helping you find the right contractor.


Most electricians can handle any project related to your home’s power, from major projects like installing electrical panels and circuit breakers to simpler tasks like replacing outlets. However, some electricians specialize in certain projects or have experience that makes them especially well-suited to your needs; for example, they may be experts in outdoor lighting or security system installation. Research the type of work that the company does to ensure they’re the best fit.

Choose the Most Respected Electricians in Florida

When you’re searching for a licensed electrician near me, don’t automatically settle for the first company you find or the company that offers the lowest price. Take the time to compare local companies to find the one that is most reliable and most prepared to provide quality work that you can trust.

In southwest Florida, that company is All Phase Electric Inc. With over 25 years of experience serving local home and business owners, we have a reputation for innovation and excellence in everything we do. Call us at (239) 939-7093 to make an appointment for safe, high-quality electrical services.

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