Light It Up For Safety

November is here, and on Sunday the 6th, daylight savings time ended. We all know what this means, it gets dark early and the days are much shorter. Soon the Holidays will be upon us, as well as the arrival of all our snowbirds, and this means more people will be out and about shopping, dining, and so much more after dark. What better time to think about changing your security lights/parking lot lights? When they are most needed, but before the rush.

Most companies don’t consider the dangers that can lurk in a parking lot that is not well lit. However, it can make your business a huge liability. Since it’s your property, if something happens here, it will be your responsibility. That is the last thing that any business owner wants to happen on their watch. Keeping outside areas well lit is crucial. It ensures the companies assets, employees, and even customers stay safe and sound.

Areas that are not well lit can draw in trouble for two main reasons. First is the chance of being held liable in a court case due to an incident caused by limited visibility. In a world where companies get sued for all manner of things, why take the chance of a disgruntled customer or employee blaming an accident on bad lighting in a parking lot?

Furthermore, criminals who don’t want to be detected will often pick the darkest spots. If your business is in a business park, you should know that thieves are more likely to go after the company where the lights are not working. In addition to criminals, misbehaving teenagers and the homeless may also seek our darker places to avoid discovery. While the homeless population is mostly harmless, some teens tend to get themselves into trouble and will target areas where they can make their mischief without being seen.

You can, however, improve the lighting outside of your business by replacing broken lights and installing new ones. There are many choices of security lights, street lamps, and parking lot lights that you can have installed by a professional to deter problems from your business. And remember, if your security lights have not been updated in years, it may be time to reevaluate the situation. The longer you leave it hanging, the more likely you will have further issues with your building and parking lot.

There are many considerations that you should take into account when you get new lights. The first is to make sure that you pick a lamp that will run for many hours. This way it will cut down on the number of times you are changing the bulb. Next, Make sure that you have lighting that works well to cover the entire area. A dark spot can cause as much trouble as an entirely dark lot. You want to pick a light that is bright enough, but not one that is too bright. If the light is too bright, it can disturb houses that are around the business and cause problems too. Make sure to think about the area that your business is in because this will make a difference in the type of lighting you choose. Solar charging lights are a great option, especially at the rate this technology is growing at the moment.

It can be tricky to get the lights done right and by yourself. At All Phase Electric, we have years of experience and all the equipment and licensing needed to get the job done right. Consider contacting us with your questions and project ideas; we will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your security and parking lot lighting needs.

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