Prevent Many Forms Of Loss with Surge Protection

Florida may be known as the sunshine state to tourists, but what many don’t know is as sunny as it gets, there are plenty of thunderstorms, especially during the summer months. Lightning is a daily occurrence in some parts of the state, and it can be downright hazardous without surge protection. Many have the unfortunate misunderstanding that a home can protect its contents from lightning, but that is simply not the case. Storms and the lightning that they produce can reek havoc on your home electrical circuits and appliances, and be dangerous to your physical well-being as well. Luckily with the advances in technology, there are surge protection systems that work fabulously to stop lightning from wrecking havoc on equipment and starting a disastrous, and life threatening, fire.

Think of the expensive electronics within your home

Unless you are unhappy with it, chances are you wouldn’t want your $2000 refrigerator to land in the garbage, or find a sudden need to replace a $3500+ air conditioning unit in the dead of the summer heat. That is why installing a home lightning and surge protection system is well worth the money. If lightning strikes it could take out any number of appliances in your home, and in Florida, air conditioning is the one thing you will not want to live without. Also, it is important to remember that when lightning strikes there are no second chances. You will most likely not be able to repair the product; you will need to replace it – a costly situation in the best of scenarios. Not knowing when it could happen also makes it extremely inconvenient.

Think of the loved ones that are in danger without surge systems

Often, thunderstorms occur in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. While a nighttime storm is convenient, because it doesn’t wreck your day in the sun, it also means you might be asleep when a lightning induced surge fire starts in your home. A situation like this puts everyone in danger, but those most vulnerable are the elderly and children. The elderly may have a slower reaction time and children simply have not been around long enough to know what they should do if they smell smoke, especially babies, and toddlers. Don’t put your loved ones at risk, make sure to protect your home.

Businesses are equally vulnerable

Do you own a business? In the same way that lighting can wreak havoc on your home appliances, it can also damage appliances in a restaurant, cause data loss when it damages computers in an office and be catastrophic if it results in a fire. This can easily be prevented by having a professional electrical contractor install a surge protection system.

Call the professionals they will be able to help

Once you have decided just how valuable surge protection can be, call All Phase Electric. They will be able to come out and give you a quote on a system. They will also be able to point out any of the issues in your home regarding faulty electrical components that present more of a problem. Don’t wait until it is too late and you have lost everything in a fire. We understand that you can replace most things, but why take the risk? It will be our pleasure to assist you in protecting your home and family from the dangers of surges produced by lighting.

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