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Elevate Your Electrical Projects with Professional Bucket Truck Services

All Phase Electric Service of FL, Inc. brings bucket trucks to new heights with our comprehensive bucket truck electrical services. Whether it's high-reaching lighting installations, maintenance, or complex electrical tasks, we are equipped to tackle projects of any scale safely and efficiently. Elevate your next electrical project with our skilled professionals. Let's discuss how we can help.

Have a project that requires expert bucket truck services? Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Street & Parking Lot Lighting and Maintenance up to 100 ft in height

Pole straightening or pole replacement and we deal with insurance companies.

We provide expert lighting installation and maintenance services at commercial and residential locations. We offer bucket truck services for repairs, maintenance, and installations. We perform pole straightening, repairs, and replacements. We can reduce costs and improve overall performance by LED retrofit. These state of the art technology reduces operating costs and replacement costs, and maintenance.

Our Bucket Truck Services Include:

  • Custom Site & Exterior Lighting
  • Street and parking lot lighting LED Retrofits
  • Street & parking lot lighting
  • Airport and airport runway lighting
  • Hospital and Medical Facilities
  • Flagpole and flagpole lighting
  • Concrete, aluminum, steel, and wood poles
  • Billboards
  • Stadium lighting
  • Public address systems
  • Scoreboards
  • Neon lighting and repair
  • Billboard lighting
  • Sign lighting

Lighting, Signs and Billboards

Signs are an important part of any business. Creative and colorful signs make a lasting impression on visitors and extend the businesses brand. To be effective, the signs must work as intended. We can service and install a wide variety of signage from electronic displays to rooftop and off-street billboards. The bright lights must be bold and hold up through weather conditions. We provide design, installation, and maintenance for signs and billboards to keep your sign lights shining bright.

Streets and Roadways

We handle a wide variety of lighting technology. They include high-pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapor, fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), and LED. Street and Roadway Lighting provide safety and visibility for vehicles and pedestrians. These lights require regular inspections and prompt replacement and repairs. We can retrofit street lights with modern, energy efficient LED solutions that improve performance and reduce operating costs. We offer expert advice and assistance for lighting parking structures and parking canopy areas. Outdoor lighting can illuminate structures and emphasize its eye appeal. Lighting can wash walls, highlight design features, and illuminate landscaping for night views.

Parking Lot and Area Lighting

Safety, visibility, and reliability are major factors when selecting area lighting. Area lighting brightens parking areas, and outdoor spaces to ensure security and good visibility of ground and surroundings. The right combination of light promotes footing safety and personal security. The parking area of a mall or business creates an important first impression on customers. A well-lighted and properly maintained parking area is a business advantage. We offer upgrades to cost effective LED lighting and provide expert assistance in selecting the right color type and brightness. LED lighting is directional and is a perfect product for outdoor down lighting.

Drilling the hole (Save-A-Lot parking lot)

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Bucket Truck Services

High above ground maintenance and installations require bucket truck capability and skilled technicians. Our bucket truck services include the below-listed items.

  • Service, Maintenance and Install Parking Lot Lighting
  • Repairs, upgrades and LED Retrofit Parking Lot Lighting
  • All types of Signage: Banner, Electronic. Pylon signs
  • Custom signs design, installation, and Maintenance

Erecting the light pole (Save-A-Lot parking lot)

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Green Contributions

Switching to energy efficient lighting reduces the demand for electric power and helps the national effort to burn fewer fossil fuels to produce electricity. Energy efficient lighting avoids wasting power, and the LED retrofits have no toxic mercury.

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No compromise on safety. All Phase Electric Service of FL, Inc. is here to address all your electrical needs. Serving the Tampa-Marco Island area, our team of electricians is ready to bring light and power to your space. Reach out now for a brighter tomorrow.

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