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Elevate Your Business with Expert Commercial Electrical Solutions

Ensure the efficiency and safety of your business with All Phase Electric Service of FL, Inc. Our commercial electrical services cover everything from advanced installations to meticulous repairs and maintenance.

We specialize in creating customized solutions that fit the unique needs of your business, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal performance. Trust us to power your success with our local expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Keep your business running smoothly with reliable commercial electrical services. Get a quote now!

All Phase Electric has years of experience with commercial electrical projects big and small.

As a business owner, consider hiring a skilled electrician from All Phase Electric.

This is important because commercial electrical projects need greater expertise than your typical home electrical repairs. Furthermore, the quality of the electrical work you have done directly affects your business’ aesthetics and overall functions, which impacts your potential profits.

When you work with All Phase Electric’s skilled, professional electricians you’ll have:

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Our Commercial Services Include:

  • LED replacements for Fluorescents and Troughers
  • Reduce costs by installing LEDS overhead instead of Fluorescents
  • Panel testing & Thermal Imaging
  • New Construction
  • Code violation corrections
  • Marina-Dockside Power
  • Mining operations
  • Underground wiring and locator service
  • Trenching and boring
  • Carwash control systems
  • Communication/ Data systems
  • UPS systems
  • Surge protection systems
  • Control wiring
  • Phase conversion
  • Exhaust fans and rooftop units
  • Surveillance cameras

Diagnosis, Maintenance and Repair Work

Regardless of what type of electrical equipment your business needs or uses, you can count on All Phase Electric’s professionals to take care of it for you. Even with your most complex issues, we’re here for you 24/7/365.

Installations and Upgrades

Let’s face it, you don’t want your expensive electrical equipment damaged. All Phase Electric understands this and they also understand you need proper installation and replacement of your electrical equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply installing outlets and lighting or if you’re renovating your business with energy efficiency in mind, the professionals at All Phase Electric are here to help you create the perfect environment for your business’ success.

Commercial Electrical Safety and Security

As a business, your top priority is taking care of your employees and your customers. Since this is the case, All Phase Electric will address all your safety and security needs. This includes things like backup generators, maintenance agreements, motion detectors, and so much more. For instance, custom lighting is also a safety issue since you want to make sure your premises are well-lit so accidents and theft don’t occur. Of course, this also establishes a successful setting for your business.

As All Phase Electric takes care of all your safety and security needs, we’ll also make sure the items we install doesn’t take away from your business’ ambiance. Instead, we’ll add to this ambiance while also increasing things like convenience and energy savings. All Phase Electric does all of this by offering a lot of great solutions, so one of them will most definitely fit your business’ needs.

Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

Stop skyrocketing energy costs from taking off with your business’ hard-earned money. There are ways in which your business can save energy, thus saving money and helping the environment too. Call and schedule your complimentary energy audit with All Phase Electric today.

Don’t risk your business. Contact the professionals at All Phase Electric today. Allow our dedicated commercial electricians address all your commercial electrical needs. Remember, they’re standing by 24/7/365 with all the tools necessary, as well as the expertise you deserve.

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No compromise on safety. All Phase Electric Service of FL, Inc. is here to address all your electrical needs. Serving the Tampa-Marco Island area, our team of electricians is ready to bring light and power to your space. Reach out now for a brighter tomorrow.

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