Stray Voltages Around Your Pool: A Deadly Threat

Stray voltages can be very dangerous. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool at your home, you have the perfect place to cool off during hot Florida summer days. Your pool provides an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family and entertain your friends as you soak up the Fort Myers sunshine. However, most homeowners understand that it’s important to have safety procedures in place in and around the pool.

You don’t let your kids go swimming without sunscreen on, and you make sure that an adult is always present when minors are swimming. Perhaps you have paid for your children to have swimming lessons and installed a fence around your pool. These are each important safety methods, but it is also important to ensure that the electric systems around your pool are in good working order to avoid stray voltages and a potential tragedy.

Stray Voltage Basics

Before you can understand how to eliminate the risk of stray voltages, you need to know what a stray voltage is. In simple terms, a stray voltage is a voltage that is present between two conductive surfaces. People can contact it or even animals.

The first shocks occurred by stray voltages are generally quite mild at under 10 volts. These types of stray voltages feel like a small tingling or stinging sensation when a person enters the pool or touches a handrail or ladder connected to the pool. Since children are more sensitive to sensory input, they often notice these tiny shocks sooner than adults.

Even if you have not dealt with stray voltage problems in the past, making changes to your pool can result in changes in your electrical system. For instance, some homeowners report stray voltages when they switch their pools over from a traditional chlorine system to a newer salt water system.

Preventing This Threat

You do not want to mess around with stray voltages. If you suspect that you are dealing with this problem around your pool or spa, contact a professional electrician like All Phase Electric as soon as possible. To keep you, your family, and your animals safe, do not allow anyone in or around the pool until the problem is corrected.

Electrical codes have changed substantially over the past several decades. Older pools might not have been bonded properly during construction and installation. You could also be dealing with a wiring flaw or even a problem with your electricity provider. Since several factors can result in stray voltages, it’s important to use a trusted electrician to diagnose and correct the problem. In most cases, you can remedy the problem quickly and efficiently.

If you are concerned about stray voltages around your spa or pool, contact our team at All Phase Electric. We have many years of experience in serving customers in and around Fort Myers, and we will ensure that your pool is a safe, fun place instead of a safety hazard.

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